Written By Iulia Savu
  • 4/5/2017

5 Reasons to Visit the PTC Mathcad Community

How long has it been since you visited the PTC Community? Whether you’re an expert PTC Mathcad user or brand new to the software, PTC Community is an excellent place to connect with other users. On this user forum, members discuss subjects ranging from programming, to calculus, to physics, to most engineering disciplines. In fact, for almost any field in which anyone uses PTC Mathcad, a sub-community waits to offer advice and support.

Group studies math problems

PTC Community members often work to solve problems, provide direct and honest feedback, and even deliver how-tos

If you haven’t visited lately (or ever) here are 5 excellent reasons you should log on today:

PTC Community is supportive and thorough. A lot of remarkable people invest time in research and solutions, and it’s possible your question has already been answered on the Community. Do a search or look around and see what you find. But if you’re still stuck, post a question with specifics and the community will jump to your aid.

The first time I used PTC Community, I was looking for a different approach to solving a differential equation. In my case, I was interested in the mathematical solution, not how to solve it in within PTC Mathcad. My questions brought answers from many users who worked out the solutions for themselves. They even did the equations in PTC Mathcad and attached the files to their replies!

You’ll find unexpected and unique puzzles. The questions and problems posted by other users keep your mind busy. Their challenges become yours, because once you dig in, your brain won’t rest until you find the answer. You feel accomplished when you’ve discovered a solution and contributed back to the community.

And if you want more challenges, you should know there is a Puzzles & Games category in the PTC Mathcad community! Check it periodically for the unusual and unconventional, like this one featuring a PTC Mathcad clock.

Mathcad clock

PTC Mathcad Clock problem

Participants each bring their own perspective. The variety of community users ensures you meet people with different skills and problem solving methods. Sometimes your engineering problem just needs someone to look at it from a fresh angle. You’ll be amazed at what you learn from all the creative solutions.

It’s easy to find your way around. The content in the PTC Community overall (of which PTC Mathcad is a subcommunity) is well organized. It only takes a few clicks to narrow the list of categories and jump into the right forum. For example, on the PTC Community home page, simply click on the PTC Mathcad menu option and the drop-down list has most of the relevant topics you need.

Search is just as easy. No matter which forum you’re in, the Search field sits in the upper right corner of the screen. Type a few words and sorted results appear almost instantly in a box overlaid on the screen. No need to leave your current spot to go hunting for new information. 

It’s a good way to make connections. PTC Community is full of users with common interests. While many of the members enjoy helping others with how-to questions and the occasional mind-boggler, others drop in to discuss the products themselves and learn best practices from long-time power users.

PTC Community provides a place to learn new skills and share ideas, contribute your own experience, and have fun. If you’re ready to have a look, head over to the Welcome page and get started. 

Visit PTC Community


About the Author

Iulia joined PTC in 2016 as a PTC Mathcad Application Engineer and spends her time supporting the sales process in a technical manner, conducting product demonstrations and answering technical questions for customers and partners.

She graduated the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology of University Politehnica of Bucharest, and specialised in Microelectronics, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies. When not at work, Iulia can be found hiking in the countryside or snowboarding.