Written By Mike Gayette
  • 1/23/2018

Seven Sources for PTC Mathcad Help (plus one bonus support tip)

Are you new PTC Mathcad convert trying to create solve blocks and plots? Maybe you’re a grizzled vet stuck on a tricky programming problem. Whatever the struggle, we all need help sometimes. No mathematician, engineer, or even musician solves every problem on their own. If you’re losing time, money, and sleep, it’s worthwhile to look to expert assistance.


PTC has a wealth of free and fee-based PTC Mathcad expertise available. There is information for new users who know math but not PTC Mathcad, as well as intermediate and advanced options for the more experienced. Next time you run into a wall, take a few steps back and try this list of resources.

Find help for PTC Mathcad


PTC Mathcad Help Pages

If you like an organized manual with explanations and examples, head to the PTC Mathcad Help Pages. Its textbook-style format starts with basics – the PTC Mathcad workspace. But you don’t have to follow it page by page if you’re already somewhat familiar with the software. Click ahead in the table of contents, and you’ll soon find operators, vectors, matrices, and symbolics. Later, dig into PTC Mathcad integration with Excel, Creo, and Windchill. The Help Pages are a solid, comprehensive introduction to PTC Mathcad’s capabilities.  

PTC University Learning Exchange

Are you a visual learner? The PTC University Learning Exchange is chock full of PTC Mathcad tutorial videos and tutorials ranging from introductory to advanced. The examples are clear and evenly-paced to make it easy to follow along and repeat the steps. You’ll learn about new features for securing your content, how to format natural math notation, and even see tutorials on using temperature units in your formulas.

PTC Community


Still perplexed and without answers? Crowdsource your problem by posting to the PTC Community pages. Better yet, do a search to see if someone else already found an answer to a similar problem. The PTC Community is overflowing with friendly PTC Mathcad gurus from nearly every discipline. Explain what’s puzzling you, and you’ll have a bright, supportive community helping you find answers.


The PTC Mathcad Blog, of Course


While it sometimes shines a light on math in pop culture, the blog is also a dependable source of help straight from the PTC Mathcad team. Wondering which worksheets PTC engineers find most useful? Need help finding complex roots? Or maybe you just want a quick keyboard reference. A quick scroll through the blog history shows a variety of PTC Mathcad techniques, shortcuts, and best practices.   

Still stuck? Try the Support Center

If you have a PTC maintenance contract with your license, log into the Support Center. Think of it as a one-stop shop for Mathcad reference documents, tutorials, training, and filing tickets for those occasional bugs.


Outside Help Sources

Think of Quora as crowdsourcing with a much larger reach than the PTC Community pages. Of course, with Quora, you’re less likely to attract a herd of engineers who pore over your questions and offer help. But Quora has a following, and enough math aficionados follow the social site that it may be worth your time. Start at the Mathcad topic page.

LinkedIn is the prime spot for business networking, but they also have devoted niche groups. With a quick search, you’ll find groups dedicated to math and to PTC Mathcad. You may need to ask permission to join, but once you’re in, you’ll find a similar environment to PTC Community pages. Just remember that LinkedIn groups are run by LinkedIn users, and are not moderated by, or affiliated with, PTC Mathcad folks.

The End, and One Bonus Tip

Whether you’re curious about a new feature or just need to fix a problem and get on with your project, our list of support sources is a handy reference. Keep it nearby the next time you get stuck on a project or just want to read up on new features.

And remember, the PTC help sites are accessible from within the Mathcad application. Click on the Resources tab to see the full list. You’ll find direct icons linking to Mathcad Keyboard Shortcuts, the PTC Community pages, the Mathcad blog, the PTC Learning Exchange, and more. 

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