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  • 1/11/2017

PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 Features:Safeguarding Intellectual Property

In PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0, we’re expanding capabilities for Area Locking and Protection. This is a feature you’ve seen and used in PTC Mathcad
before, but we’re reintroducing it with new tools to give you extra security. 

Areas and Regions Defined

PTC Mathcad worksheets for engineering projects get complicated and sometimes massive. A worksheet spanning dozens of pages is often split into regions. The region for math contains calculations, while other regions might have solve blocks, plots, text boxes, graphs, or images. PTC Mathcad can also lump regions into Areas in order to organize them. 

Let’s say your PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 worksheet has a few regions for calculations related to a new robotics project. You can designate an Area and save all robotics calculation regions under that Area. It’s easier for you and other team members to find like items when they’re in one place. This can be done for other regions, too. Grouping your work into Areas doesn’t affect the calculations or their connections to other programs.

Protect Area dialog helps safeguard sections of the PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 worksheet.

Options in the Protect Area dialog box

Locking Areas and Regions

Using the same project and customer, look closer at the options you have with Area Locking and Protection in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0

Imagine a customer wants to show two of your PTC Mathcad worksheets to people in her office. The first worksheet has calculations, but they aren’t proprietary. Still, the worksheet is a useful template and you want it protected. Simply create an Area encompassing the regions you need to lock, and password protect it. The customer and their coworkers can poke around the worksheet and see everything, but they can’t make changes. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about spending time fixing the template.

The second worksheet holds valuable intellectual property. Nobody outside engineering should see it. In this case, Area Locking and Protection offers you a few choices. First, take any proprietary Areas in the worksheet and collapse them. This hides them from view. Second, lock their display state so nobody outside engineering (or other privileged users) can make the Area visible again. Now the customer can’t even see the Area, much less investigate or edit it. Area Locking and Protection in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 makes it easier than ever to share your work without risking accidents or meddling.

Area in Mathcad Prime 4.0 is shown with outline.

Outlined content in a PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 worksheet, indicating an area.

Collapse menu for safeguarding content in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0

You can either Collapse or Protect the Area.

Bonus Tip

Did you know another little known feature in Areas is timestamping? Validating work is important to maintain records and prevent rework later. Timestamps help you determine if a set of calculations are verified and approved. For instance, if a calculation in a company PTC Mathcad worksheet has a timestamp, you know it’s production ready. 

Timestamp in PTC Mathcad Prime 4.0 worksheet

Timestamp under the Parameters heading

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