Written By Mike Gayette
  • 10/13/2020

How to Convince Your Boss to Buy PTC Mathcad

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Talking about the benefits of PTC Mathcad to engineers isn’t the same as talking to managers. Bosses generally live with different concerns and pressures. Convincing them of all the ways PTC Mathcad benefits the company requires different language. After all, not every manager once worked as an engineer.

So how do you convince them that this engineering math software is worthwhile? What do you say to some of the common questions and retorts? Try these answers and resources. 

“Can we afford it?”

A better question might be, “Can we afford not to?” In 1999, NASA lost a $125 million Mars orbiter due to a metric system mix up. And that’s just one of many examples of unit conversion errors costing millions and threatening lives. (Here are 5 more.) A good engineering math software won’t confuse a Newton with a pound foot…even if they show up in the same calculation.

Plus, to help make the software more affordable, you can buy it with a subscription license. That means you won’t pay a large yearly license fee or need new hardware. Buy as much or as little as you want to cover your business needs. Scale those licenses up and down as you need them. 

PTC Mathcad won't force you to compromise your budget. .

“Can’t you use Excel to write formulas?”

It is possible to craft complex engineering formulas in Microsoft Excel. But it’s not the same as scanning budget numbers or making graphs of overtime hours. Spreadsheets can manipulate raw data with formulas and pivot tables (managers love these). But they don’t communicate them well.

Engineering calculations are universally understood when written in their natural math notation (that is, math that looks like it came from a textbook—not a tiny parentheses fruit salad). Why muddy your communications with protracted, confusing Excel formulas that result in lost time and more mistakes?

“It’ll take too long to retrain everyone.”

For engineers, and many others, PTC Mathcad’s interface works intuitively. The software clearly labels plots, functions, operators, and other widgets so they’re easy to find. Plus, you can use pre-built worksheets for specialized math for various engineering disciplines. One might include formulas used commonly in Physics or Mechanical Engineering. Another might target oil and gas work.

Help files, on-demand webinars, and the PTC community provide answers quickly as well, significantly shortening the learning curve for new users, too.  

“Why is that feasibility study taking so long?”

Boss trying to change the subject? Okay, let’s say (hypothetically) that you are engineering a product in your Creo 3DCAD system.

PTC Mathcad acts as a digital engineering notebook when you integrate it with Creo. But way better. Imagine this--you jot down your calculations in the math software. Test, validate, etc. Then, let the results drive the parameters in the CAD model. And the flow of information goes both directions. Small tweaks made in the models are also reflected in the PTC Mathcad worksheets. Everyone involved can access to the calculations and designs for the project. Mistakes are caught early. The design is better, built faster, and out to market before the competition.

Try doing that with Excel.

“Say that again in manager-speak”

Here are the facts, without any engineering jargon.

Once you have PTC Mathcad in your shop, you find the engineers pick it up quickly. They’ll produce more accurate work, faster, because of improved tools and collaboration. That translates to less overtime, fewer mistakes, and less rework down the line.

Simply put, PTC Mathcad is a good return on investment. It makes your work easier to create, understand, and reuse. It saves your company time and money, which translates to better profit margins. Your boss can’t say no to that!

Want to check out PTC Mathcad and set up a quick demonstration for your team? Download your free-for-life copy of Mathcad Express and compare it to your existing tools.

Download PTC Mathcad Express free 


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