What’s new in PTC Mathcad Prime 10

Unleash the potential of PTC Mathcad Prime 10 with Advanced Controls with Scripting, the ability to choose a solving algorithm for functions and definite integrals, and improved multithreading for faster, more efficient calculations in specific situations. Elevate your mathematical experience with a user-friendly interface with new usability updates and enhancements to the symbolic and numeric engines that streamlines tasks and enhances productivity. Upgrade to PTC Mathcad Prime 10 and transform how you handle your important calculations.

  • Application Updates

    PTC Mathcad Prime 10 introduces several updates to application-level functionality, including important features requested by users.

    • Advanced controls - With advanced controls, users have the ability to enhance their worksheets with controls including list boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, buttons, sliders, and text boxes. These empower users to precisely define the behavior of each control within the worksheet. This feature provides a configurable and detailed approach to manipulating variable values, through scripting with VBScript and JScript.
    • Choice of solving algorithms - With Mathcad Prime 10 you can now choose a solving algorithm for functions and definite integrals. Functions enhanced include pdesolve, odesolve, numol, genfit, polyroots, find, minimize, maximize, minerr and algorithms for calculating definite integrals. This allows you greater flexibility and control over the results of your calculations.
    • Subscript and superscript in documentation - You can now apply subscript and superscript formatting in your text regions for documenting variable identifiers or parameters with exponents.
  • Symbolic and Numeric Engines Enhancements

    Symbolic Engine Enhancements

    • Expanded use of the keyword fully: Mathcad Prime 10 has expanded the use of the keyword fully with additional use cases. We also added support for the modifiers fact and max for this keyword.
    • New standard keyword: We have added a new keyword, standard, which allows for Big-O notation with series expansion, as well as showing the constant of integration in indefinite integrals.
    • Improved support for undefined: We have improved support for undefined results in the symbolic engine, providing greater compatibility and equivalency with the numeric engine’s NaN, allowing for symbolic support of the NaN class of functions.
    • General keyword improvements: There are general improvements for the keywords rewrite, solve, and simplify. Rewrite is expanded with five new modifiers, arg, atan2, fact, sign, and Φ, to allow rewriting expressions in their respective terms. solve and simplify have many additional supported use cases.
    • Improved performance of calculus operators

    Numeric Engine Enhancements

    • Partial Differential Equation (PDE) solving with pdesolve now supports setting mixed boundary conditions, implicit and explicit boundary conditions, and units intelligence within PDE systems.
    • The numeric engine has improved behavior of inline assignment evaluation and handling unitless zero in a matrix.
    • Multithreading improvements: Improvements to multithreading give you the full power of its functionality. These improvements can increase the efficiency of worksheet calculations, specifically those with independent calculable regions.

  • Usability Updates

    Mathcad Prime 10 introduces several noteworthy usability updates to enhance the user experience.

    • You can now seamlessly open worksheets directly from an included worksheet, streamlining the workflow and improving accessibility.
    • You can now directly open files from the legacy Mathcad worksheet converter.
    • The software now supports both world date and system date formats in headers and footers, accommodating your date format preferences.
    • You can now link to a specific section in another worksheet.
    • You can now hide the borders on collapsible areas to enhance the aesthetic of your documents, especially during printing.

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