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  • 7/13/2016

Mathcad Help Center Now Available Online for Your Favorite Engineering Math Software!

The Mathcad Help Center is now available online for free without any need to have an account. The help center can be accessed from the help homepage or directly at this link to the Mathcad Help Center. You will be able to search or browse through the table of contents as if you were using the help center that gets installed alongside your install of Mathcad Prime.

Help for Mathcad Engineering Math Software is now available to anybody with Internet connection.

Struggling with solve blocks? You can put that pen away, friend! Help is just a network connection away. [Image Source Santiago0212004, Wikimedia commons]

Each page in the new online help center can be individually hyperlinked too, enabling you to point a friend or colleague directly to the help center page that will assist them with their question or uncertainty. For instance, if a friend or colleague asks you how to set up a solve block. You could point them directly to the help center page ‘To Define a Solve Block’. Or if they needed some clarification on how they can index matrices you could send them here.

Whether it’s yourself needing to look something up in the help center, or a colleague asking for some assistance, you now have access to the help center from any device with an internet connection. Be sure to bookmark it!

Making Engineering Math Easier

Easy-to-reach help is essential to the success of engineering math software.  But it’s only one consideration when choosing a new tool. Download our checklist Choosing Mathematical Calculation Software for 6 more “must haves” you should look for when choosing software.

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