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  • 10/1/2019
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PTC Mathcad Prime 6.0 Brings Engineering Calculations to Life

Bring engineering calculations to life with PTC Mathcad Prime 6.0.

PTC Mathcad Prime is the industry standard for engineering calculation software, helping you solve your most complex problems and share your engineering calculations with colleagues. Now we’ve just made it even easier with PTC Mathcad Prime 6.0.

Now available, PTC Mathcad Prime 6.0 lets you customize margins, headers, and footer sizes; add hyperlinks; run spellcheck for multiple languages; and more. Plus, the release introduces a new engine for symbolic calculations. Take a closer look:


More Flexible Documentation

Customize margin dimensions, including headers and footers that can be used in both imperial and metric paper types. Your PTC Mathcad worksheets now support the following: 

  • Custom Margins:
    • Specify left and right margin sizes (imperial or metric depending on paper type)
    • Bring forward legacy margin settings when you need to convert legacy documents
  • Custom Headers and Footers:
    • Specify header and footer sizes (imperial or metric depending on paper type)
    • Bring forward legacy header/footer settings when you need to convert legacy documents 

New Productivity Basics

Spellcheck is now available and supports multiple languages, depending on your installed system keyboards. You can now add hyperlinks in your worksheet too. Here are the details: 

  • Spellcheck:
    • Toggle on/off for entire worksheet
    • Ignore, or Add to Dictionary
    • Set proofing language for different selections
  • Hyperlinks:
    • Add linked URL or text
    • Point to a web page, mail client, file location, etc.

Easier to Use

You now have access to an expanded list of print options. Plus, find/replace subscripts or individual parts of identifiers. Explore these new capabilities:

  • Find/Replace:
    • Subscripts, independent of identifier
    • Identifiers that are not subscripts (if “Match Whole Word” is deselected)
  • New API Command:
    • Programmatically save worksheets in several different formats
  • Printing:
    • Specify selected content and page ranges for printing

Expanded Chart Options

You now have more chart application options, from exporting your plot as an image file to zooming in and out of your plot within the chart application. Updates include the following:

  • Zoom in/out of your plot within the application itself to better view specific parts of your plot
  • Save images in the chart in several different formats
  • Find more chart templates with predefined settings in the ribbon
  • Access chart application Help directly from the PTC Mathcad Chart Application window

New Symbolic Engine

When you open a worksheet in PTC Mathcad Prime 6.0, you might notice that you’re using a new symbolic engine. We’re introducing this engine so that we can better control how we support the calculation engine within the product. In short, it allows us to be more responsive to your feedback and requests to improve the product.

Note, you can always switch back to the legacy symbolic engine. That way you can compare the old and the new. Find a problem? Report it to PTC - we have an active program to improve the new symbolic engine and appreciate all feedback on it.

For more information and to download a free trial, visit the PTC Mathcad Prime new release page.

Bring your calculations to life with Mathcad Prime 6.0

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PTC Mathcad Prime 6.0 Brings Engineering Calculations to Life
Bring engineering calculations to life with Mathcad Prime 6.0. Find out how to customize margins, resize header and footers, add hyperlinks, spellcheck, and more.