Written by Katherine Brown Siebenaler
  • 4/23/2024
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What Sets Mathcad Prime 10 Apart: A Chat with Andy McGough


Have you heard the news? PTC Mathcad Prime 10 is now available to download! Key enhancements in Mathcad Prime 10 enrich how engineers interact with their calculations, giving you more control, speed, and efficiency over your work. We’ve also included greater usability enhancements and user-driven expansions.

You can learn more details in the blog post, What's New in PTC Mathcad Prime 10? But first, we thought it would be insightful for you to understand more about how we chose the enhancements we did and why. We sat down with PTC product manager, Andy McGough, to ask him our top questions get his perspective on this exciting release. Read his thoughts below and get a free trial of Mathcad Prime 10 or upgrade today.

What's new and exciting about PTC Mathcad Prime 10? 

PTC Mathcad Prime 10 adds features to the product that both existing and new users will find compelling. This release includes the powerful Advanced Controls functionality, something that provides huge flexibility in the way users can structure the engineering in their Mathcad Prime worksheets. There are updates that benefit the documentation aspect of worksheets, like the ability to subscript or superscript in text, or hyperlink to specific regions in external worksheets. As usual, there are symbolic and numeric engine updates, including a redesign of the multi-threading capability to provide better performance for worksheets with independent calculable regions. With several updates to the usability of the product, this is a nicely balanced release with some key additions to the product.

I’m a longtime Mathcad user. What makes Mathcad Prime 10 the version I should standardize on?

With each new release of PTC Mathcad Prime, the first question we ask is: “What do our legacy Mathcad users need in the product?” This doesn’t mean we don’t cater for new users as well as longtime users – the functionality that longtime users need is invariably a great addition for new users too. In Mathcad Prime 10, subscript and superscript in text and the ability to select solving algorithms for relevant functions are both in the release, and both are often requested by legacy Mathcad users. Advanced Controls functionality is something that longtime users have wanted to see in the product for some time. It’s a huge feature; a collection of different in-product control structures that can be scripted to interact with the worksheet and the system it’s running on. I’ve wanted to see that in Mathcad Prime for many years, and I’m excited to see what users do with it.

I’ve never used Mathcad before. Why should Mathcad Prime 10 be the version I try out?

There’s never been a better time to choose PTC Mathcad to document your live engineering calculations. With equal focus on both documenting and calculating your engineering, and significant updates to both areas in this release, Mathcad Prime 10 makes the often-complicated task of communicating your engineering intent simple. With the free 30-day trial, you can experience the benefits of PTC Mathcad very easily and see what PTC Mathcad can do for your engineering calculations.

Mathcad Prime 10 doesn’t have some of the new features that I wanted—What can I do to have my voice heard?

As a user of PTC Mathcad myself, I have a long list of items I want to see in the product. Everyone has their own ideas of what should be added to the product, and we want to hear every one of those ideas. With that kind of feedback, the job for us to prioritize and design exactly how each new feature needs to work is made much easier. On the PTC Mathcad Community you can add your own Mathcad Idea or comment on others. You can provide feedback to Mathcad subject matter experts, sales representatives, or technical support. PTC Mathcad content is always driven primarily by what customers need in the product.

Learn More About Mathcad Prime 10

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What Sets Mathcad Prime 10 Apart: A Chat with Andy McGough
Learn what makes PTC Mathcad Prime 10 the most exciting Mathcad release yet from PTC product manager Andy McGough.