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  • 2/27/2021
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What’s in Mathcad Prime 7?

Abstract with Mathcad equations.

Attention engineers, scientists, students, and everyone else who works with calculations: Mathcad Prime 7 is here!

Mathcad Prime is the industry’s leading engineering math software. You use it to perform highly accurate calculations easily, and then preserve, share, and reuse those calculation so that you get the most from your important intellectual property.

Mathcad Prime 7 improves on the popular software by adding symbolic engine enhancements, combo-box input control, usability improvements, and more! Here’s a closer look at what you’ll find:

Combo-box Input Control

Calculations are driven by defining variables, and for some engineering problems, several different values may be needed for different variables to provide a complete picture of the engineering being documented.

With new combo-box input controls, you can predefine variables and their values associated with different calculation options. Simply change sets of variables related to specific use cases by selecting a new option in the combo-box drop down menu.

For example, if your worksheet calculations change depending on the material used, say with different metals having different characteristics, you can set up a combo-box to define all the variables and variable values associated with different types of metal. You can then select the metal type in the combo-box and the worksheet is recalculated using the characteristics of the selected metal.

You can define multiple variables for each combo-box selection; you can use multiple combo-boxes in your worksheet; and you can include them almost anywhere in an equation.

New pull-down combo box in Mathcad Prime 7.
Image: Combo boxes embedded in a Mathcad Prime 7 worksheet.

Symbolics Enhancements

Mathcad Prime 6 introduced a new symbolic engine to the software, offering PTC’s software engineers more flexibility as they work with the software. For you, that means you’ll see modifications and enhancements that simply weren’t possible in the past.

In Mathcad Prime 7, we’re already building on what we started last year. Seasoned users should start to notice the following:

  • Better error notification. That is, issues with input expressions are reported more precisely.
  • Significantly improved performance, including for the keyword simplify, the keyword solve, and definite/indefinite integrals.
  • Improved feedback (targeted analysis of calculation) for many cases where evaluation once seemed to take too long.
  • Enhancement of both the keyword simplify and the keyword simplify with the modifier max. Now you can expect faster and more simplified results.
  • Enhancement of both the keyword solve and the keyword solve using the modifier fully. Now, more cases can be solved with the keyword, including:
    • system of equalities and inequalities.
    • cubic equations. 
    • equations with symbolic functions.


  • Enhancement of the keyword float, improved accuracy for some calculations (e.g., Bessel functions), and improved rounding.
  • Changes with assumption of variables. The assumption real is still the default with the new engine, but it now also supports the assumption complex as a modifier.
  • Improved support of definite/indefinite integrals.
  • Improved support for the keyword series, so that it now supports binominal series.
  • Improved work with polynomials, powers, and roots. Plus, improved performance of large powers.

Equations using keywords and modifiers in Mathcad Prime 7.

Image: Sample equations in which you can expect improved performance with the new symbolics engine.

Standalone Converter

Mathcad Prime 7 includes a standalone legacy worksheet converter that you can install alongside the application. Now you no longer need a separate installation of the legacy Mathcad application, saving you time and effort.

(Note. This has the benefit of also addressing issues that users may have had in the past, such as when Mathcad 15 and Prime could not be installed on the same PC.)


More Enhancements

Mathcad Prime gets easier to use with each release, with more options for controlling your everyday tasks. Many of the following usability enhancements were made in response to customer requests:

Save your worksheet in PDF format for easier file sharing.

Saving worksheets as PDF in Mathcad Prime 7.
Image: Saving worksheets as PDFs is now an option in Mathcad Prime 7.

Scroll, focus, and zoom more easily. These functions have been enhanced to improve readability, review, and edit of Mathcad worksheets. For example, zoom now impacts the page you view and not the page on which the caret is located.

Mathcad Prime's zoom slider.

Image: The zoom slider provides greater control over the size of your displayed worksheet.

Turn major gridlines on or off from the Document menu.

Enhanced grid lines in Mathcad Prime 7.
Image: Enhance your view by easily hiding or displaying major gridlines.

API Help. Besides all the advances available in the new Mathcad Prime 7, the API documentation with examples has been added to online help.

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Mathcad Prime is the industry standard for engineering mathematics software, enabling you to solve your most complex problems, and share your engineering calculations. Mathcad Prime 7 makes this easier with new capabilities, greater usability and over a dozen enhancements to the new symbolic engine. Mathcad Prime 7, coming soon, continues to bring your engineering notebook and calculations to life.

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What's in Mathcad Prime 7
Mathcad Prime 7 improves on PTC’s popular calculation software by adding combo-box input control, symbolic engine enhancements, usability improvements, and more!