LSISCypress designs, develops, and manufacturers embedded systems semiconductors including: flash memory, microcontroller, mixed-signal and analog products, and embedded system on-chip solutions.


  • Conduct fast and accurate analyses for semiconductor engineering
  • Reduce and prevent errors
  • Accelerate engineering processes
  • Save time and improve calculation accuracy
  • Encourage sharing of knowledge and ideas in a clear way


  • PTC Mathcad templates allow for standardization of engineering calculations across different engineering teams, management, and clients.
  • Clear advantages in both understanding of math and speed compared to previous approach using Microsoft Excel
  • Unit conversion is faster with PTC Mathcad, especially imperial to metric, and units are pre-defined.


  • PTC Mathcad minimizes errors and miscommunication, resulting in improved calculation accuracy.
  • Calculation and analysis times reduced by 50%.
  • One analysis that previously took 90 minutes in Microsoft Excel required only 45 minutes with PTC Mathcad.

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