JandP LogoMCB Engineering Consulting, LLC offers mechanical engineering solutions for the most challenging problems. With 35 years of experience, we provide design and development, advanced stress analysis, and failure analysis services in order to root out problems and devise new products and processes for our clients.


  • Create accurate and reliable calculations
  • Explore more “what-if” scenarios
  • Share clear documentation of work with other professionals
  • Reuse work whenever possible
  • Avoid time-intensive software programming


  • PTC Mathcad produces clear, textbook-like calculations
  • Advanced features include advanced mathematical and statistical operations
  • As a live calculation tool, PTC Mathcad helps users modify algorithms on the fly, so they can quickly see the impact of different approaches to a solution
  • PTC Mathcad easily manages units and conversions in the same template


  • Any professional can understand calculations made with the tool, leading to clearer communications with clients and students
  • PTC Mathcad saves 75% of the time it would take to do calculations by other means
  • Significant additional savings in development time come when previous work can be leveraged for new projects
  • Fewer errors overall. For example, unit analysis and integrity always accurate and reliable

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