Mathcad for Mechanical Engineers Webinar

Original air date: November 7, 2023 | 10:00 Eastern Time

Unlock your full potential as a mechanical engineer. Join our "Mathcad for Mechanical Engineers" webinar to work more efficiently and avoid errors by using a digital engineering notebook.

In this webinar we will showcase:

  • Mathcad Prime use cases for mechanical engineers
  • A Mathcad Prime worksheet solving torque for a series of fasteners
  • A demo of the Mathcad and Creo integration to manipulate CAD geometry with spline coupling calculations
  • Answering your questions with our Mathcad experts

You will also receive the demo files and slides used during the event.


Anji Seberino

Anji Seberino
Mathcad Technical Expert

Dave Martin

Dave Martin
PTC Product Expert
MCAE Consulting
YouTube Channel