Mathcad @ PTC

Presented by Paul Sagar

Engineering calculations are at the heart of engineering workflows, and PTC Mathcad is a significant part of our product portfolio. We focus on providing engineers with state-of-the-art calculation software. Let Paul Sagar share some thoughts on our guiding principles and how these technologies are being used.

Mathcad – Get It Right

Presented by Andrew McGough

It’s the worst sort of scavenger hunt: searching for calculation errors after the fact or trying to backtrack through spreadsheets to uncover design intent. With PTC Mathcad, you have an intuitive tool that can help you create, present, store and reuse your most valuable engineering calculations.

Listen as Andy McGough, product manager for PTC Mathcad, explains why this can be so difficult and how PTC Mathcad can help you give your most important intellectual property, your engineering calculations, the respect they deserve. Your business may depend on it.

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Mathcad Prime

Presented by Alejandro Rivera, P.E.

Join our guest speaker, Alejandro Rivera, P.E., Aerospace & Mechanical Engineer at NASA GSFC, for Mathcad Prime As an Engineering Analysis Tool. Follow Rivera as he shows you how he used Mathcad Prime to do the engineering dynamic analysis to deploy components of the James Webb Space Telescope in space.

Rivera will demonstrate aspects of his calculations, highlighting how the nature (and accuracy) of Mathcad Prime makes it easier for the engineer to be more closely engaged in the process and enhance their own analytical skills. It’s a fascinating journey through space and physics.

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Mathcad & Excel

Presented by Anji Seberino

You know you need to use the right tool for the right job. Excel was created for financial applications and excels at managing data – not performing engineering calculations or showing your work to other stakeholders. But when you use PTC Mathcad and Excel together, you have the best of both worlds. Listen to data expert and senior application engineer Anji Seberino as she shows you best practices for making the most of this powerful partnership.

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Driving CAD with Mathcad

Presented by Dave Martin

Teams who rely on different units of measurement, colleagues who walk out the door leaving you with tangles of calculations, your own spreadsheet that you no longer quite trust … What’s an engineer to do? Use PTC Mathcad, of course!

Listen to one of PTC’s most popular speakers as he shows you how PTC Mathcad prevents engineering snafus, meets the demands of complex engineering calculations, and can drive your CAD design.

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Mathcad Steps Up

Presented by Andrew McGough

PTC Mathcad has an interface that’s so intuitive most users are comfortable within 15 minutes – and a mathematical engine that can handle difficult, complex engineering calculations. Learn what’s new now and what’s next for PTC Mathcad, the engineering calculation software that makes it easy to turn your critical work into a model of visual clarity.

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