[Webinar] What's New In PTC Mathcad Prime 9

Original air date: April 4, 2023 | 10:00 AM ET

Watch the webcast to know what’s new in PTC Mathcad Prime 9, which delivers new capabilities and usability enhancements to make you more productive than ever.

This release includes powerful enhancements to the symbolic engine and introduces a Gradient Operator that can be used both numerically and symbolically. We have also introduced symbolic solutions for Ordinary Differential Equations and included the addition of the PDESolve Function in the Solve Block. New Logarithmic and Elliptic Integral Functions, as well as improved Calculus Operators, allow for more mathematical operations and functionality than ever before. We have also expanded functionality for various Keywords and Functions.

To improve navigation and document organization, the user interface has been upgraded with a custom color menu, internal worksheet links, and Text Styles.

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Andrew McGough
Product Manager for PTC Mathcad