Written by Katherine Brown Siebenaler
  • 6/20/2023
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Mathcad at PTC LiveWorx 2023: Enhancing User Experience and Exploring New Possibilities

Learn how Mathcad participated in PTC LiveWorx 2023, including user experience labs and product demonstrations.

We recently wrapped up PTC LiveWorx 2023, one of the most highly anticipated events for engineers and technology enthusiasts. More than 6,500 attendees came to Boston from all over the world to not only learn the latest in digital transformation and PTC’s technologies, but also to be inspired.

Amidst a show floor of groundbreaking technologies and innovative products, the PTC Mathcad team showcased our latest developments, engaged with users, and provided a glimpse into the future of our powerful engineering calculation software. Below are some of our top highlights. 

Mathcad UX Lab

One of the key highlights of the Mathcad experience at LiveWorx 2023 was the Mathcad UX Lab, where Cosmin Negru, Mathcad Technical Product Manager, spearheaded eight insightful sessions to test out new usability concepts that could make their way into Mathcad Prime 10. Participants—both seasoned Mathcad users and newcomers—were given the opportunity to navigate Mathcad's user interface while engaging in a structured set of tasks, the goal being to evaluate the software's intuitiveness and gather feedback for further improvements. We thank all participants for your valuable feedback!

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Another noteworthy session at LiveWorx 2023 was presented by Andy McGough, Mathcad Product Manager. Andy shared the Mathcad Prime roadmap, focusing on the upcoming Mathcad Prime 10 release planned for next year with a special emphasis on its main new feature, Scripted Controls. Haley Barnes, CAD Analyst of SRAM, then showcased the integration of Mathcad templated worksheets in Creo to drive dimension values on different bike fork designs. We also gave away exclusive Mathcad T-shirts to attendees.

Although the session wasn't recorded, the Mathcad team has exciting future plans where you can get more information, including the Mathcad Virtual Conference 2023 scheduled for later this summer (August 30, 2023). During this virtual event, Andy plans to demonstrate Scripted Controls for the first time, and Haley also plans to return to share her expertise. So, keep your ears open and stay tuned for the Mathcad Virtual Conference 2023!

PTC's Creo Tips and Tricks

Andy and his expertise made another appearance as he took the stage to present a session on PTC's Creo tips and tricks. In this session, Andy demonstrated how to use Mathcad Prime to calculate surface data that can be packaged and imported directly into Creo to drive solid geometry. To ensure that users don't miss out on this valuable tip, we plan to reproduce Andy's demonstration on our YouTube channel soon. Make sure to Subscribe to the Mathcad YouTube channel so you don't miss this exciting content.

Mathcad at the Booth

In addition to the sessions, Mathcad also had a strong presence at the PTC Creo booth. Anji Seberino, CAD Field SME Director, fielded numerous Mathcad-related queries and provided live demonstrations of Haley's worksheets. The booth also featured two bike forks, showcasing the practical applications and real-world impact of Mathcad's capabilities. Throughout the event, various Mathcad team members manned the booth, engaging in thoughtful conversations about the future of Mathcad Prime with attendees.

“PTC LiveWorx provided the Mathcad team a great opportunity to connect with users, gather invaluable feedback, and demonstrate the software's capabilities to attendees,” says Andy. “Mathcad Prime’s future is being driven by the passion and expertise of the Mathcad team and the enthusiastic support of its user community, and we greatly appreciate the chance to gather your feedback at events like LiveWorx.”

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Mathcad at PTC LiveWorx 2023: Enhancing User Experience and Exploring New Possibilities
Learn about Mathcad's participation at PTC LiveWorx 2023, including the latest product developments and engaging with users.