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Designing a product and getting it to market is challenging enough without entrusting your electrical engineering calculations – your intellectual property – to spreadsheets. Spreadsheets aren’t as accurate or precise as electrical engineering software. What spreadsheets do is add risk, risk you can’t afford. Take a look at how KPMG and other consulting firms see the problem.


Electrical Engineering Calculations Made Easy

  • Equivalent Impedance and Conductance
  • Transfer Function Models
  • Signal Propagation Delay
  • Filter Design
  • Component Trade-off Analysis
  • AC/DC Circuit Analysis
  • Power Dissipation
  • Transformer Sizing
  • Load Flow
  • Design PID controllers to deliver the desired output of the controlled system
  • Apply filtering to audio and image signals for complete or partial suppression of certain frequency ranges
  • Analyze linear or non-linear, time variant or invariant, analog or digital, discrete or continuous and causal or non-causal signals
  • Calculate power system parameters for applications including load planning, grounding, motors, distribution, arc flash hazards, etc.

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