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Weekly LIVE Mathcad Education


May 21st - June 25th, 2020
10am (PDT), 1pm (EDT)

During this six week webinar series, engineers will receive live instruction covering a broad range of technical capabilities in PTC Mathcad. Topics to be covered include mathematical solving, full-featured plotting, symbolic calculations, programming within Mathcad, fundamentals of analyzing data, and methods to interact with Microsoft Excel. The sessions will be delivered using Mathcad Prime 6.0. Each session in this technical series will be 30 minutes followed by Q&A.



Anji Seberino , PTC

Anji Seberino
CAD Field Subject Matter Expert, Director, PTC

Anji is PTC’s leading Mathcad expert. With a background in Electrical Engineering, Anji truly understands engineering math. With her experience working in industry, she also understands the needs of the engineering community with respect to applications used for calculations. At PTC, Anji has provided guidance, best practices, and instructional training to PTC Mathcad customers across a range of engineering disciplines and industries.



May 21st 2D Plotting - There are two types of 2D plots in Mathcad Prime. This session will explain the differences between the plot types and provide suggestions on selecting which plot type to use. It will also include instruction on how to create 2D plots using both plot types and tips to keep in mind when creating plots.
May 28th Introduction to Mathcad Programming - Programming within Mathcad is unique as it does not require a traditional skillset in scripting, coding, or software development. This session will provide an introduction to Mathcad’s programming constructs, show how to create a program, and show how to incorporate logic, looping, and other programming techniques into a Mathcad worksheet.
June 4th
Symbolic Calculations - Mathcad’s symbolic engine is powerful and relevant, enabling an analytical approach to calculating and solving. This session will cover a variety of operations available through Mathcad’s symbolic calculation engine. The session will include an introduction to common and useful symbolic operations such as symbolic solving, laplace transforms, and variable substitution.
June 11th
Using Mathcad and Excel Together - Data is a major part of engineering design and analysis calculations. It’s incredibly important that engineers using Mathcad be able to import, organize, and perform calculations on data. This session will provide instruction on different methods of importing Excel data into Mathcad and interacting with Excel spreadsheets through Mathcad. It will also go over recommended techniques and best practices for using Excel data in calculations, plots, and Mathcad programs.
June 18th
Solving and Optimization - Mathcad uses world class solvers to solve systems spanning from simple to complex. Mathcad’s solvers are also recognized for their ability to solve optimization problems. This session will provide a thorough introduction to solving linear and nonlinear systems. It will also include detailed directions on how to setup and solve optimization problems.
June 25th
Fundamentals of Data Analysis - Mathcad’s robust data analysis capabilities support different mathematical models for representing data. This session will cover basic principles of analyzing data in Mathcad. Specific areas of discussion include interpolating data, filtering data, and fitting data to a curve.